Tricks Foods Play – Science News

Tricks Foods Play – Science News.


Fascinating discovery!  Soybean oil may be making us fat, and the damage may be lasting, if not permanent.


Is Alzheimers Just Another Form of Diabetes? How Our Diet May Be Destroying Our Brains | Alternet

Is Alzheimers Just Another Form of Diabetes? How Our Diet May Be Destroying Our Brains | Alternet.

Is Alzheimers Caused By Too Much Sugar? How the American Diet Is as Bad for Our Brains as Our Bodies | Alternet

Is Alzheimers Caused By Too Much Sugar? How the American Diet Is as Bad for Our Brains as Our Bodies | Alternet.

Just when you thought you understood things…

A calorie is NOT a calorie


The Hidden Truths about Calories | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network.

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat,Lose the Weight,and Find Your Path Back to Health: William Davis: 3520700000720: Books

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat,Lose the Weight,and Find Your Path Back to Health: William Davis: 3520700000720: Books.

Fascinating!  I just bought the book and it makes great sense.  I knew that refined/simple carbohydrates like sugar, flour, rice, potatoes, corn were addictive and caused subsequent overeating, but if the author is correct, wheat may be the BIGGEST contributor to our obesity.

I will report more, after I read the book and experiment on myself, but wanted to share this with my readers as a heads up.  If nothing else, reaf the synopsis and watch the short video.

Early Meat-Eating Human Ancestors Thrived While Vegetarian Hominin Died Out | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network

Early Meat-Eating Human Ancestors Thrived While Vegetarian Hominin Died Out | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network.
Vegetarians and vegans will balk at this, but one should realize that the fruits and vegetables we have today are quite unlike those we evolved to eat.  Fruits were a seasonal rarity, small, hard to find, with animals and birds ravishing the treats.  Vegetables, too, were fibrous, small, hard to find, and also eaten by animals.  Grains were small and required much work/energy to harvest and hardly a staple in any culture before the dawn of agriculture.  Nuts, when found, were also smaller, and delightful rare treats of tasty energy.  Sugar was an even rarer treat, but often required a lot of effort to take from bees with unpleasant consequences.   It’s no wonder that humans became omniverous, catching and killing animals and fish for food.
But, today, we have had 10,000 years of selective breeding of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, not to mention recent genetic modifications.  We have an abundance of these that only requires stepping out of the car, walking through the grocery store parking lot, and buying more fruits and vegetables in one trip than our ancestors may have had in a month or more.  The result is that we buy and consume sugar, flour, bakery products, fats, and other concentrated-energy foods that, in many cases, may be harmful to us, eliciting diabetes, obesity, carbohydrate addiction, and more.

This isn’t to say that produce is to be avoided, but moderation would be the operative word.  Yes, one can exist exclusively on produce but it not only takes knowledge to assure adequate nutrition, but it can be overdone.  Similarly, one can exist ALMOST on meat/fish alone– which is a concentrated form of energy, protein, and nutrients– but here too, extremes can be harmful.  MODERATION is the key.

We, as a society, would be much healthier if we consumed all of our foods in moderation, paying attention to variety to assure balanced nutrition, and consuming modest quantities.  But, we all know that already, don’t we?

The Aurora, CO Massacre – Peel the Onion

How painful a tragedy– people going to enjoy a movie are killed or crippled by a lunatic with guns!  Talking heads are popping up everywhere asking their representatives to “DO SOMETHING”, and “REINSTATE THE ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN”, “LICENSE AMMO”, “BAN GUNS”, and other nonsense.  But, as hysteria and knee-jerking subside a bit, consider for a moment how ANY legislation would have prevented the massacre in Aurora…. or Tuscon… or anywhere else.  Last I checked, it is already illegal to make bombs, booby traps, chemical weapons.  It is already illegal to shoot people in movie theaters or political gatherings.  So, explain to me exactly  WHAT legislation would have prevented this tragedy?

If people put on their rational caps, for a moment, and consider the fact that criminals– by definition– do not heed legislation; only law-abiding people who do NOT commit these atrocities do.  So, any legislation only affects the non-problem, which is why the plethora of anti-gun laws has done nothing to solve our gun crimes, most of which are a result of our misguided drug policies that have been equally effective at banning drug use.

It’s not guns or drugs that are our problems, and neither pay much attention to legislation– after all, they’re inanimate objects– plants, metals, chemicals that ignore the best-intended legislation.  The problem is what people do with these substances/devices.  A person owning a gun or using a drug is NOT a problem, but MISusing either is where the problems occur.  So, how does one legislate responsibility?  We already have laws that are more than sufficient, yet are ignored by the criminals.  Robbery, assault, murder, shooing someone, etc, are already against the law, so what would another law do?  And, isn’t drug abuse a medical/psychological problem?  Why criminal?  If someone smokes an herb, so what?  But, if someone gets addicted to something and robs a store to support their habits, the laws against robbery already address that aberrant behavior.  Why criminalize some moron’s stupidity for abusing drugs?  Why do we keep legislating MORE laws, when the ones we have are more than adequate?  Robbery is already against the law, so is murder.  If we created a MILLION new laws against robbery and murder, how would that change ANYTHING????

And what would we do if the deranged lunatic, instead of shooting up a movie theater, instead drove and SUV through a crowd of people waiting for a movie?  Should we ban cars?  Do we need an “Assault SUV ban”?  I can just see it now, “there is no legitimate or sporting purpose fora vehicle that large” or “we must register each purchase of gasoline”, and other such nonsense.  Puhlease!  Legislation does not work!  Legislation only affects the law-abiding.  If you’re wealthy, your lawyer will advice you as to how to circumvent the law.  If you’re poor, you will ignore it anyway.  If you are innocent, you are adversely affected by such legislation, nevertheless, but those intent on committing the crimes will.  What is accomplished?

Gun crime statistics per capita do not even correlate well with legislation.  California and Illinois and New York have some of the strictest gun laws on record, yet have the highest gun crime rates.  Arizona and Texas, with some of the fewest gun restrictions have the lowest crime rates.  Reverse correlation?  Gun owners would like to think so, but sorry– when one looks at ALL the statistics, there is no correlation at all.  Any rational person would see this and look elsewhere to reduce gun crime (like wealth disparity, jobs availability, drug laws), but we are seeing renewed calls for anti-gun legislation?  Hullo– are we a nation of idiots?

Enough with gun or drug legislation already.  It obviously does not work; never has; never will.  Instead, peel the onion and find the reasons why society ignores existing laws.  Peel the onion and find the reasons why people feel so desperate that they resort to guns or get themselves addicted to drugs.  Peel the onion and find the reasons why gun and drug legislation has not worked in the past.  Peel the onion and find the reasons for people going off the deep end.

Human Ancestors Were Nearly All Vegetarians | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network

Human Ancestors Were Nearly All Vegetarians | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network.

The Bulletproof Executive

The Bulletproof Executive.

A man after my own heart!  Wonderful advice– more interesting than my blog/book….  Defintely worth a read!

Obama’s War On Medical Marijuana Just Got Even Uglier |

Obama’s War On Medical Marijuana Just Got Even Uglier |

Well, this is WAY off topic, but very important, nevertheless.  Marijuana helps thousands, if not millions, of people alleviate maladies.  It is a godsend to many, and far more natural and effective than many pharmaceuticals, which is likely the dominant reason for the zeal in which the government tries to prevent it.  Recreational use by adults is also quite benign– unlike under the influence of alcohol, people who use marijuana recreationally rarely become violent, provoke “bar room brawls”, or drive excessively fast if foolish enough to DUI.  So why the zeal?

Let’s see– besides Big Pharm, who else stands to lose money if marijuana were treated as a dandelion or orange peel.  The liquor industry for one.  I believe they were a large supporter of the Reefer Madness misinformation campaign in 1937.  After Prohibition proved to be a huge and absurd failure and was repealed, people did not flock back to alcohol with the same enthusiasm as expected, so the liquor industry feared that people were smoking pot instead, and backed, if not instigated, the misinformation campaign.  There was also a prejudice against Mexican workers, many of whom grew up using marijuana like we do coffee, tea, or beer.  This bigotry against the Mexicans helped fuel Reefer Madness.

Who else besides liquor and pharmaceuticals?  The list can be long.  Consider how much lower police budgets could be if they weren’t wasting  their time (and our money) pursuing marijuana.  Could their job security be clouding their minds and demonizing this benign weed?  And what of the DEA itself– how many thousands of DEA people would be out of work if drug abuse was rationally considered a medical or psychological issue rather than a criminal one?  And the Prison Guards’ Union– more loss of job security.  And, heaven forbid, what if the components in marijuana truly proved to be the silver bullet in our war against cancer, as it may possibly be given preliminary results?  The Cancer industry would likely lose $BILLIONS.  And how much would the drug cartels lose if marijuana were legal?

Some say that marijuana is a “gateway drug”.  That should be stuffed back into the horse or bull!  If anything is a gateway drug it is tobacco or alcohol.  Those that foist that concept on us lack the scientific credentials to differentiate correlation with causality.  The former, I would not doubt, is associated with other drug use, but the latter?  No way!  A person– often young– with psychological issues will often seek out mind-altering states as a distraction to their personal problems, and will seek out anything that accomplishes that, like sniffing glue, gasoline, paint, and other solvents– damaging their livers and brains–, nitrous oxide to the point where whipped cream containers require safety caps, or they reach for prescription drugs for their mind-altering effects.  Their psychological state is at the root of the problem, NOT marijuana.  And, frankly, I would much rather someone use marijuana over any other aforementioned intoxicants, not only for its lack of toxicity but for its mild effects on social interaction.  People on PCP and other drugs become violent and irrational.

All this stupid drug war is doing is enriching drug cartels and causing crimes and gang wars.  And why should rational adults not have the choice to do what they wish in the privacy of their homes?  Whose business is it?  Police responsibility should be solely toward protecting people and property.  Unless someone is high on something and goes outside to drive a car or behave aggressively or anti-socially in public, it should be no one else’s business.  People that have drug problems– who resort to crime to support their habits– have medical and psychological problems– stealing is already in the realm of people and property and is against the law.  Legislating against substances is absurd– it is people’s behavior that is at issue, and problematic, anti-social behavior is already handled by a plethora of other laws.

Science regarding marijuana is being ignored in favor of political positioning and this is simply WRONG!  Please do what you can to restore sanity to, and respect for, our laws and leave responsible adults alone!  Please spread the word.