I founded the Weight Agency on July 18,2011 as a way to disseminate my success after 50 years of struggling with weight issues.  NONE of the diets or diet books I’ve ever read were effective for me for very long.  Either the diets were difficult to follow or they left me chronically hungry– in either case, they weren’t sustainable.  I am told that I should spread the word via a blog, so TA-DA!  Here I am!

Feb.2012 update:  I have lost over 70 lbs following this method.  It is NOT a diet, but an education as to what foods affect appetite, so appetite can be suppressed through food choices, and once the appetite is tamed, it is easy to stay on track and eat prudently.  In fact, there are occasional days when I find that I have not eaten enough!  When is the last time THAT has happened to you?  I am already getting rid of “fat clothes” that make my look more like a sailboat if I try to wear them in the wind.  Anyway, I have 60 more pounds to go, and expect to reach that goal by the end of summer.  I am no longer aggressively losing 3 lbs/week but have intentionally cut that back to 2 lbs/week.

Refined carbohydrates are addictive AND they increase your appetite in subsequent meals.  Have you ever wondered why obesity in America rose when food manufacturers began making low-fat and fat-free foods?  They increased the glycemic index and glycemic loads by doing this, some unintentionally and others, intentionally, because an addicted populace buys more of their products when they need their “fix”.  Reducing refined carbs reduces appetite.  Reducing appetite makes it easy to eat less.  Eating less makes it easy to lose weight.

Imagine– losing weight while eating pizza, beer, and other contraband.  OK, there are the caveats, but with a little insight, it CAN be done… in reasonable quantities.  You can too!



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  1. KAY says:

    Przyznam, ze im dluzej korzystam z internetu to coraz bardziej boli mnie glowa i aby dbac o zdrowie powinnam chyba zdecydowanie ograniczyc uzywanie neta. Aczkolwiek czasami trafia sie na takie zaj…. posty i ponownie wciagnieta jestem na wiele godzin. Dziekuje autorowi za moj bol glowy 😉 Zeby tylko takie byly powody chorob. Do zobaczenie/przeczytania.

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