Obama’s War On Medical Marijuana Just Got Even Uglier | StoptheDrugWar.org.

Well, this is WAY off topic, but very important, nevertheless.  Marijuana helps thousands, if not millions, of people alleviate maladies.  It is a godsend to many, and far more natural and effective than many pharmaceuticals, which is likely the dominant reason for the zeal in which the government tries to prevent it.  Recreational use by adults is also quite benign– unlike under the influence of alcohol, people who use marijuana recreationally rarely become violent, provoke “bar room brawls”, or drive excessively fast if foolish enough to DUI.  So why the zeal?

Let’s see– besides Big Pharm, who else stands to lose money if marijuana were treated as a dandelion or orange peel.  The liquor industry for one.  I believe they were a large supporter of the Reefer Madness misinformation campaign in 1937.  After Prohibition proved to be a huge and absurd failure and was repealed, people did not flock back to alcohol with the same enthusiasm as expected, so the liquor industry feared that people were smoking pot instead, and backed, if not instigated, the misinformation campaign.  There was also a prejudice against Mexican workers, many of whom grew up using marijuana like we do coffee, tea, or beer.  This bigotry against the Mexicans helped fuel Reefer Madness.

Who else besides liquor and pharmaceuticals?  The list can be long.  Consider how much lower police budgets could be if they weren’t wasting  their time (and our money) pursuing marijuana.  Could their job security be clouding their minds and demonizing this benign weed?  And what of the DEA itself– how many thousands of DEA people would be out of work if drug abuse was rationally considered a medical or psychological issue rather than a criminal one?  And the Prison Guards’ Union– more loss of job security.  And, heaven forbid, what if the components in marijuana truly proved to be the silver bullet in our war against cancer, as it may possibly be given preliminary results?  The Cancer industry would likely lose $BILLIONS.  And how much would the drug cartels lose if marijuana were legal?

Some say that marijuana is a “gateway drug”.  That should be stuffed back into the horse or bull!  If anything is a gateway drug it is tobacco or alcohol.  Those that foist that concept on us lack the scientific credentials to differentiate correlation with causality.  The former, I would not doubt, is associated with other drug use, but the latter?  No way!  A person– often young– with psychological issues will often seek out mind-altering states as a distraction to their personal problems, and will seek out anything that accomplishes that, like sniffing glue, gasoline, paint, and other solvents– damaging their livers and brains–, nitrous oxide to the point where whipped cream containers require safety caps, or they reach for prescription drugs for their mind-altering effects.  Their psychological state is at the root of the problem, NOT marijuana.  And, frankly, I would much rather someone use marijuana over any other aforementioned intoxicants, not only for its lack of toxicity but for its mild effects on social interaction.  People on PCP and other drugs become violent and irrational.

All this stupid drug war is doing is enriching drug cartels and causing crimes and gang wars.  And why should rational adults not have the choice to do what they wish in the privacy of their homes?  Whose business is it?  Police responsibility should be solely toward protecting people and property.  Unless someone is high on something and goes outside to drive a car or behave aggressively or anti-socially in public, it should be no one else’s business.  People that have drug problems– who resort to crime to support their habits– have medical and psychological problems– stealing is already in the realm of people and property and is against the law.  Legislating against substances is absurd– it is people’s behavior that is at issue, and problematic, anti-social behavior is already handled by a plethora of other laws.

Science regarding marijuana is being ignored in favor of political positioning and this is simply WRONG!  Please do what you can to restore sanity to, and respect for, our laws and leave responsible adults alone!  Please spread the word.


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