Why is India Still Poor? | NationofChange.

I usually write about health issues, in particularly the toxicity of refined carbohydrates to most obese people, but occasionally something strikes a chord and captures my attention, like this article.

American businesses ship work to impoverished nations whose people are willing to toil for pennies/day.  This is good business practice– lower manufacturing costs = higher profits, right?  But, with growing pressure to ease the jobless rate here in the USA, could the 2008 economic meltdown have been intentional, to drive the middle class into poverty, so we too will work for pennies on the dollar?

Consider that most American workers have not gotten a raise in a decade, people over 50 years old lose their jobs (but there is no age discrimination, is there?  Right!) find it nearly impossible to get a meaningful job.  After going through their life savings, losing their homes to foreclosure, and being unemployed for 2-3 years, many Americans are now desparate and willing to take ANY work, at almost ANY wage.

But wait– we have a minimum wage in this country, right?  This is circumvented by hiring people as “independent contractors”, and paying them “by the job”, or under-the-table, which could be minimum wage to a young person taking methamphetamine to keep going like the Energizer Rabbit, but it means sub-minimum-wage to the average worker, even a hard worker.  Someone I know, over 50, is working very hard (up to 12 hrs/day) and  is earning $2.37/hr as a contractor, so who needs to exploit the impoverished in Asia or Mexico when they have a source of cheap labor here.

What a brilliant scheme– crash the world’s economy, get $Billions in bailouts (else they would have crashed themselves), and have a new labor pool right here in the USA, who are willing to work for a couple of dollars/hr.  Brilliant.  And, they will likely get government subsidies for bringing the jobs back from Asia!  Brilliant!  Oh– and who pays for the subsidies?  Not the $Billionaires, but the poor workers making $2.37/hr!  This is clearly fodder for a new conspiracy theory, but whether it is or isn’t makes little difference to those working 12 hours/day for $25.

I am clearly an idealist who, if I were a $Billionaire, the last thing I would do is exploit anyone.  In fact, I would gladly share my wealth to help others.  After all, most of us could live beyond our wildest dreams on $100 million, or even $10 million, but these people are looking for new ways to exploit the poor and make even more $Billions.  People’s greed and insensitivity boggles my mind!

Where were the Democrats when this began?  Where were the Republicans?  Too busy pointing fingers at each other while ignoring the real problem.  Yet, the rich and the poor will vote for them again and again, as though they are the only choices we have.  And they ARE the only choices we have as long as we believe that.  We apparently are idiots, because it has been said that “only an idiot repeats the same things over and over again, expecting different results”.

If I could, I would create the “Integrity Party” with equal campaign spending limits, term limits, and have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people…  Oh wait– isn’t that what we’re supposed to have now?  How’s that working for you?


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