Children taken from mom in pot raid inflame Butte County ballot debate – Marijuana – The Sacramento Bee.

This, alone, is enough to turn one purple with rage!  They take this woman’s child away from her– a newborn that requires breast feeding– then force her to use Marinol (synthetic  marijuana) over natural marijuana!  Is this absurd or what??? Most of the non-psychoactive, medicinal ingredients are in the plethora of cannabinoids ASIDE from the synthetic THC.  So, it is akin to taking away fruits and vegetables as being “bad” and replacing them with vitamin pills that lack the minerals and micro-nutrients our bodies require.  Just unbelievable!

And– get this– they cite her for child endangerment!  How many people with children have oleander in the back yard?  How many have poison oak nearby?  What about the toadstools that grow on a lawn after the rains?  THOSE all are potentially lethal; the marijuana is not!  This just boggles the mind.  I hope that prosecutor gets overwhelmingly defeated in the next election!  Just incredible stupidity!!!!!


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