Paul Armentano: What Your Government Knows About Cannabis And Cancer — And Isn’t Telling You.

Truly sad– BEYOND sad, actually– that our government denies and suppresses this sort of information for political reasons, while people continue to suffer.

The above article is 4 years old and reports on data that was known long before that.  But, horrors if we legalize medical marijuana.  Consider the ramifications:

  • Law enforcement would be available to solve REAL crimes
  • Prisons would not be overcrowded
  • $Billions fighting this evil weed could be instead spent on education
  • $Billions more could be saved by tax payers
  • Cancer could be tamed, costing Big Pharm $BILLIONS– no more bonuses for Cancer, Inc. bigwigs.
  • People might consume less alcohol, costing the liquor industry $Billions
  • People might focus on REAL gov’t malfeasance instead of the red herring demon that marijuana has been.

Oh horrors– life would never be the same!

Pst– start a rumor that dandelions make you high, then hope for SWAT teams to raid your gardens, collecting or eradicating all dandelions.  After that, perhaps we can demonize something else….


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