I thought I made it through the holidays unscathed– I didn’t gain any weight.  BUT, the little carbohydrate-rich indulgences I enjoyed re-addicted me to carbohydrates!  It was subtle and most would not notice, but hey– I wrote the book about it!  I found myself eating slightly larger servings across the board.  If I chose an apple or pear, it would be the largest one.  If I cooked eggs and ham, I found myself eyeballing 120g slices of ham, where before about 80-100 calorie slices was my “eyeball” thickness.  At dinner, the serving spoons would be a little more heaped, the meat slices a little bit larger, and so on.  I found myself craving snacks, too, and would occasionally indulge in a handful of nuts or 4-5 pretzles.  In all, my calorie intake went from 900-1200/day to 1800-2000/day.  No wonder I am on a plateau.

The fascinating thing for me to to notice it happening and recognizing it.  From maintaining an even keel with my blood sugar, I have re-induced the larger swings, and it is these swings that determine the appetite later.  By avoiding refined carbohydrates, one forces the body into a fat-burning metabolism.  So, as our blood sugar begins to drop a few hours after a meal, our bodies simply burn our fat stores and maintain a nearly-constant blood sugar level.  The result is that one is not hungry.  Contrast that with eating foods with sugar, flour, rice, potatoes, corn, etc.  These foods are quickly absorbed and raise the blood sugar level.  The body responds by producing insulin to store the energy into our livers as glycogen or convert it to fat and store it around our bellies and hips.  When this quick energy runs out, the blood sugar plummets, and this is what causes one to feel hungry and soon after, “starved”.

So, the more sugar/flour/starch I can feed you, the more I can make your appetite intensify.  How cool is that?  (If I am a food vendor).  If I feed you burgers loaded with sugar-containing ketchup or “special sauce”, meat cut with flour or grains, ultra-refined starchy buns that are like speed when it come hijacking your blood sugar, you will enjoy the sugar rush, feel starved a few hours later, and come back for more.  Kinda like selling you cigarettes or heroin?  Psst– wanna buy some special sauce?  How ’bout some “seasoned fries”, loaded with EXTRA starch?  The more they addict us the more fast food we buy, the more snacks we buy, the more weight loss programs we buy, and the fatter we get…. and the more we eat, the more the food industry makes from our obesity.

I urge you readers to recognize that what you eat at this meal, affects your appetite for the next.  They say only an idiot does the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.  Are you repeating the same old failed diet attempts of the past?  If not, what are you doing differently this time?  If you read and follow the Weight Agency Method, you will find that it will be the last weight loss book you will ever need on weight loss.  Just as I recognized what my food choices are doing to my appetite, never mind my weight, you can learn this too and make the proper choices to avoid feeling hungry, to avoid over-eating, to avoid eating unhealthy food, and to avoid obesity!  And, the best thing about it all is that you will no longer crave these junk foods– your addiction will be broken and that apple fritter or chocolate will look about as exciting as a slice of wheat bread or head of broccoli.  Sure– our favorite foods may remain our favorites and we may think of them fondly, but the difference will be akin to a person enjoying a glass of wine and the person who is an alcoholic and must consume the whole bottle.  Once you break the addiction, you will be able to enjoy “normal” amounts of food and be perfectly satisfied, as most of us are with a glass of wine or two.

If you don’t make the choice to do something for your body now, when will you?  Will you continue to lie to yourself and will 2012 turn out to be just like 2011, 2010, 2009, when it comes to your weight loss efforts.  What we can get away with when we’re young will beat us up when we’re older.  Many will become diabetic from years of abusing our bodies with refined carbs.  Many will get gravely ill or die from heart disease, clogged arteries, or cancer as a result of bad eating habits.  Don’t you think NOW is the time to try something different, to get at the root of the problem?  What prevents you from taking care of your body NOW?



About weightagency

After decades of struggle with my weight, countless diets, numerous books, lectures, and research, I have finally figured out how to lose weight and how to keep it off, in a HEALTHY way!

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