The Weight Agency Method is not a diet, but a revision to one’s eating habits, done in a self-guided, individualistic, results-oriented way. You eat what you want, as much as you want, as long as you get the results you want.  The Weight Agency Method is a unique re-education method by which one monitors their calorie, protein, and carbohydrate intake and the results achieved.  Appetite is suppressed by minimizing carbohydrates, especially high-glycemic-index ones that contain flour, sugar, rice, potatoes, corn, and bananas.  Those should be minimized or eliminated entirely during the aggressive weight loss phase.  Once the carbohydrate addiction (to blood sugar highs) is broken, appetite is suppressed to the point where eating 600 or 800 calories/day is possible without feeling hungry!  Yes, you read that right!  I have had days where I had eaten only 600 calories and had to make myself eat more to acquire sufficient protein to assure fat loss, not muscle loss. 

The unique re-training occurs through the Weight Agency Method process.  By weighing what one eats, they re-learn what a “portion” is all about.  One makes their own choices– do you want a plate full of veggies or a teaspoonful of peanut butter?  Both are about the same calories!  Wow!  Or, do you realize that the steak typically served at a restaurant is about twice what one needs?  Yes, we’ve been conditioned to eat more by food vendors.  In the 70’s, when McDonald’s introduced their Quarter Pounder (tm, McDonald’s), it was considered a BIG burger.  Now, it has been replaced by 1/3 pound burgers or 1/2 pound doubles– a 30-100% increase in serving size.  Fries, drinks, and desserts have followed suit.  And so have our waist lines!

‘Tis the season to adhere to our New Year’s resolutions and once and for all, change our eating habits.  How many times have you lied to yourself in the past years, swearing off the weight while caving into bad habits a short time later.  Lose 20 lbs, regain 30.  Sounds familiar?  Why not try something radically different this time– try the Weight Agency Method and change your life!  Re-gain control of your eating habits, actually enjoy and be satisfied with an apple or some carrots when hungry, believe it or not.  Watch the weight come off at up to 3 lbs/week for most people, without losing muscle!  Hate exercise?  It’s good for you, but if you hate it, at least the Weight Agency Method teaches you how to lose weight and control your appetite without special exercises.  Lose even more if you DO exercise!  I am offering a special to help you.  If you honestly cannot afford $9.99 for the printed booklet, or the $6.99 for the Kindle or other e-reader version, write to me via the Contact Us link on the home page and explain to me why cannot afford this minimal payment for life-changing information, and I may send you a free copy.  But, please don’t request this frivolously– I need to offset my expenses in writing this and need the money as much as you do. 

That’s it– the essence of the Weight Agency Method is shown above.  You, too, can change your life with or without my booklet.  The booklet provides the details and explanations to help and encourage you.  Once you follow the plan, you can make realistic goals and achieve them.  I predicted before writing it that I would be 50 lbs lighter in 4 months, and I was.  I achieved my goals easily and without exercise (not that I recommend no exercise, but only show that it can be done without it).  You can too.  Or, you can choose to lie to yourself yet again and continued down your failed path of the past– the choice is yours.  They say that “only an idiot repeats the same thing over and over again, expecting different results”.  Don’t be an idiot.  If you have reasons not to use the Weight Agency Method to lose weight, choose your own method, but make sure you do things differently than in past failures.  The Weight Agency Method is not a diet but a method to change your eating habits.  You can empower yourself to be healthy! 

Happy New Year!  May 2012 be the year you succeed in your weight loss efforts.


P.S.  Serious faux pas:  Since early November, my email has been broken and many of the emails you’ve sent me are lost.  Please try again as it is working correctly now.  Contact me via the link on the Weight Agency website and I will reply ASAP.


About weightagency

After decades of struggle with my weight, countless diets, numerous books, lectures, and research, I have finally figured out how to lose weight and how to keep it off, in a HEALTHY way!

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