…have I been?  LTNP– long time no post.  Well, a lot has been going on.  Mostly, I have been away from home and traveling– usually a bad thing for people wanting to lose weight.  Restaurants often provide fatty, carbohydrate and calorie-laden foods, often in huge servings.  Moreover, we usually don’t know the exact ingredients nor do we bring a scale to a restaurant with us to weigh what we eat.  OK, I did do that for a while, but no more.

I ordered healthy foods and often divided the serving in two and took half home.  I often ate salads with meat on them, sans dressing.  I’d ask for lemon wedges and/or dressing on the side.  Did you know that a Caesar salad can have more calories than a cheeseburger?  For breakfast, I would usually have eggs, either in an omelet or scrambled.  Instead of hash browns and toast, I would request fresh fruit instead.  At dinner (I usually skipped lunch, not that I recommend that), I’d ask for extra steamed vegetables in lieu of rice or potatoes.  For fast food, I’d either get a salad or find a Panda Express and eat something like Mongolian Beef and lots of stir-fried vegetables.  I’d avoid the rice, noodles, and deep-fried, battered dishes.  And, so it went for the entire month.

I have not emphasized exercise in the Weight Agency Method because the focus was on changing eating habits, but we all know that exercise is important for good health and it sure helps with weight reduction.  Not only does one burn calories when exercising, but any muscle that is developed from the exercise, continues to burn calories at a faster rate even when resting.  Not only that, but weight-bearing exercises also help build stronger bones, reducing chances of breakage.  Walking is my favorite form of exercise and I expect to be doing a lot more of that in future days, weeks, and months.

There is also something else I learned about myself– just how much I can indulge in carbohydrates without re-kindling an extraordinary appetite.  It seems that I can eat pretty much anything– a box of See’s Candy, for example, almost with impunity.  Say, WHAT????  How’s that?  Well, when the body is nearly devoid of carbohydrates, it undergoes chemical changes to burn fat more efficiently.  A single indulgence– even a large one– seems to not switch the metabolism back to carbohydrate-burning mode and that dose of candy seems to pass through the body without being absorbed.  But, try that twice in a week and the switch DOES occur, bringing back the intense hunger and craving that rampant carbohydrate consumption often causes in susceptible people.  So, this means that we can enjoy an occasional indulgence of “contraband” without derailing our weight-loss plan.

Note that I avoid the word “diet” which usually conjures up the idea of temporary uncomfortable denial, ongoing hunger, and then regaining of the lost weight when the “diet” is over.  This is why diets fail.  Most any diet will result in weight loss, but most are unsustainable, uncomfortable, and wearing.  The Weight Agency Method is really a re-training of one’s eating habits along with  education as to what choices do what to both our weight as well as our appetites.  By knowing and understanding what’s what in our foods, we can eat prudently, avoid the carbohydrate addiction, and get our weight down to healthy levels.

So, Merry Christmas to all, enjoy your occasional indulgences, and stay with your low-carbohydrate eating plan, losing the weight you wish to lose.


About weightagency

After decades of struggle with my weight, countless diets, numerous books, lectures, and research, I have finally figured out how to lose weight and how to keep it off, in a HEALTHY way!

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