Well, I did it.  I had some pizza for dinner.  A few nights before that, I had pasta.  And wine.  And bread.  And dessert.  I had dipped into the contraband I had been warning folks about– the dreaded ‘C’ word– Carbohydrates.  Sure enough, as I apparently needed reminding, all those foods began looking exceptionally good.  I started asking about when dinner was going to be ready.  The plastic tray loaded with apple pastries began to look like a viable breakfast alternative.  And so on.  My addiction to these high glycemic index carbs was returning.  So, I nipped it in the bud and stopped.

I had warned others that one can indulge in such contraband once/week, with almost full impunity, but do that twice or more and the addiction returns.  I guess I had to be reminded.  So, for a few days, these foods will look exceptionally tempting to me but after that, I will be about as attracted to it as I am a piece of cardboard.  And so it goes.

If we weren’t addicted to these foods, the above would not happen.  Naive people think obesity is all about bad choices or lack of willpower.  It is more about addiction than simply choice or willpower.  And, I am here to tell you how to break the addiction and how to avoid it, and how to make eating “optional” as far as appetite is concerned.  Breaking the addiction to the sugar spikes will restore your appetite back to “normal” and allow you to eat a lot less so your excess weight is burned for energy instead of last night’s pizza.  Read the Weight Agency Method for more information on this and why you are how you are.


About weightagency

After decades of struggle with my weight, countless diets, numerous books, lectures, and research, I have finally figured out how to lose weight and how to keep it off, in a HEALTHY way!

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