Wow!  I could not believe the scale.  I stepped on and off it again.  I was up FIFTEEN Pounds!  Well, I might as well give up, eh?  Sound familiar?  Have you ever heard a voice in YOUR head thinking these same thoughts?  Well, don’t!

I underwent hip replacement surgery a few days ago and know what I have been eating.  This 15 lbs is water weight from the inflammation/swelling from the trauma site.  No kidding– since water weighs about 8 lbs/gallon, I have about 2 gallons of water swelling my hip right now.  Wow!  See?  There is always an explanation and if you track what you’ve been eating, you know that there is something anomalous when one’s weight shoots up like that– it has to be water.  But, FIFTEEN POUNDS???  TWO GALLONS???  I wouldn’t have believed it either!

There is something else important to note here– the 55 lbs I lost since July 18, 2011 was done while I had a worn-out hip, so erase that image in your minds, of a fat woman in wet sweats working out.  That didn’t happen!  The Weight Agency Method does not require exercise to lose weight, though you should if you can, of course, because it increases the calories burned, even when resting.  But, I lost  those 55 lbs in 18 weeks, which is more than 3 pounds/week, average, without exercise!  Imagine how much, how fast, I could have lost had I been able to do even moderate exercise!

So, as I hobble around, using a walker, rest assured that my physical activity meter will be pretty low until the pain is reduced to where I can walk for exercise– something I actually enjoy doing.  And THEN, the weight will come off even faster than it has since summer.  Rather than feel discouraged about my limitations or water weight gain, I feel empowered to understand it and know how to control it.  Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that if you ate a _____, you would gain 3 lbs, or similarly, you could lose 3 lbs by merely avoiding it.  This is the closest thing I know to a weight-loss pill.  I know that eating certain “foods” will cause me weight gain, and I know that avoiding certain foods will cause a dramatic weight loss.  Psst– tell ya what:  just take this little pill marked “placebo” and be sure to avoid the five easy carbs, and your weight will melt off.  Yup!  It’s as easy as that– a weight loss pill, everyone’s holy grail and it is under everyone’s nose.  Sadly, it is so simple that people just don’t believe it– it is too good to be true.  But, I am living proof that it indeed works.  It can for you, too.


About weightagency

After decades of struggle with my weight, countless diets, numerous books, lectures, and research, I have finally figured out how to lose weight and how to keep it off, in a HEALTHY way!

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