Hearing the day proclaimed as “Black Friday” brings negative thoughts, like black death, pirates, and other evils.  Yet, it must clearly mean “black” as being profitable, instead of “red” being losing money.  So, it is pretty clear to me that this Black Friday is a holiday for merchants on which they hope to make profits.  Amazing how they’ve psyched the public to thinking this is some special day to shop– to spend money we don’t have, to buy things we don’t need, to impress people we don’t know.  Rather than re-gift crap that was given to me this Xmas, I think I will give more meaningful gifts like things that I have made or baked, or an offer to trim a hedge or mop a floor or other non-material gift.  A “certificate” to mow someone’s lawn or vacuum their house, or even a basket of food items purchased from a grocery store may carry more meaning than some imported gadget that makes noise and eats batteries, not to mention the miles of packaging material it comes wrapped in.  We 99% might want to send a message to the 1% that a truly meaningful Xmas or Chanuka gift might indeed mean spending NO money, adding NOTHING to the 1%’s coffers….

People have asked me about my weight progress.  Actually, it has become kind of boring.  Once you figure out how to manage your appetite, you regain control over your eating habits, and after the exhilaration of losing weight diminishes, it fades in excitement about as much as when you first learned to scratch your elbow.  It is no big deal, no heroic accomplishment, nothing to write about.  But, because I am asked, I am writing about it.  If you’ve been following my blogs and my Weight Agency Method book, you will know that carbohydrates are what drive our appetites.  The more refined the carbs, the greater the sugar spike, which makes the food addictive, and then the greater the drop in blood sugar, which leads to ravenous appeitites– over-eat, feel “starved”, repeat, gaining a wee bit of weight each time.  We make bold proclamations, we go to the gym, we swear off pizza, but we stay fat.  A diet of denial can only work so long until even Job’s patience is worn away.

So, I have learned how to break this cycle and have been sharing it with you.  I did not overeat yesterday.  I was not hurting when I left the table, had no guilt about what I had eaten, and had no interest in the 460 calories slices of assorted cheesecakes we were served for dessert.  WHOA!  No craving for that yummy chocolate?  How can that be?  It’s about the same as no longer craving a cigarette when seeing someone light up– once the addiction is broken, that cheesecake had only slightly more appeal than a shoe sole drizzled in motor oil.  Honest– I am not making this up, but have shared in your same disbelief when reading others make the same comments.

Breaking the carbohydrate (or more aptly, the refined carbohydrate) addiction, removes the charm that these sugar/salt/grease concoctions once held over us.  Moreover, avoiding excessive carbohydrates causes our bodies to undergo a chemical change to where we burn stored fat more efficiently.  So, instead of a rapidly dropping blood sugar level which makes us feel ravenous, our bodies simply start burning our fat stores which then maintain our blood sugar level and we don’t get hungry.  And, we can control our hunger precisely by choosing how much of the carbs to eat.  If you feel hungry, avoid some of the carbs you had in the previous meal, so you won’t feel hungry next time.  It all becomes so simple, so mechanical, that it is boring.  Food no longer holds the control over us that it once did.  Eating becomes about as exciting as brushing one’s teeth or applying deodorant– something we must do, but nothing to get excited about.  And, with this new attitude toward food, we find ourselves in total control of our weight, our appetities, and our nutritional intake.

I no longer have access to my precision scale that I used to monitor progress, but weighing myself when clothed at the doctor’s or on our hosts’ scale, it seems that I am down more than 55 lbs since July 18, when all this came together and I began writing the Weight Agency Method book.  Like clockwork, the weight sloughs off, the process becomes boring and predictable and hardly worth writing about.  But, you asked.


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After decades of struggle with my weight, countless diets, numerous books, lectures, and research, I have finally figured out how to lose weight and how to keep it off, in a HEALTHY way!

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