Well, realizing that my BMR had dropped to the 1600-1800 range, I had no choice but to do the ‘E’ word, and exercise a bit.  I also dropped my daily intake of calories to 900, which sounds draconian but really isn’t, once one follows The Weight Agency Method and breaks the sugar/carb habit.  I ate a 700 calorie breakfast consisting of 2 eggs, cheese, ham, whey protein, and an apple.  I was not hungry by dinner time, no kidding!  We went out for dinner with friends, so I had to order something.  I drank water instead of wine and ordered a romaine salad with bleu cheese crumbles, asking for the dressing on the side.  That was another 115 calories, 105 of it from the cheese.  So, yesterday’s calorie intake was 815.  Today’s, so far, has been 370 so far, from cottage cheese, whey protein, applesauce, and an apple.  It is almost 5PM and, although I ate the breakfast around 10 AM, I am not hungry in the least.  We have a party to attend tonight and I will have a little wine, maybe 3 oz, to make it look like I am imbibing, but plan to only eat a little bit of meat and/or cheese, keeping the carbs low.  Carbs so far, today, are 39.

And so it goes.  The Calories3 spreadsheet does not lie.  If the BMR drops, the calories must go down if one is to achieve their goals.  One can increase the BMR through exercise, too, and not solely rely on reducing food intake.  The beautiful thing about breaking the carbohydrate cycle is that one’s appetite becomes manageable.  Think about eating 815 calories– I used to eat far more than that in a single meal.  A single fast-food meal is often twice that much!  And now, poor me, am only eating that much in a day.  But, spare the pity– it is NOT deprivation because I am honestly not hungry.  I could easily forget to eat a meal, believe it or not.  You can too.  The only thing preventing you from taming YOUR appetite is YOU.  Put sugar, flour, white rice, potatoes, corn, and bananas– and products containing them– on your Do-Not-Eat list.  It isn’t forever, but long enough for you to achieve your weight goals.  After a tough withdrawal of a week or two, your appetite will be tamed as mine is.  And, if you must cheat, you might get away with ONCE per week, not twice.  Not 1 and a half.  Indulging in these refined carbohydrates more than once will rekindle your appetite and you will be hungry again.

So, we know the rules.  We know what to avoid.  So, what is preventing you from achieving YOUR weight goals?  YOU.  And it all boils down to a simple decision:  Do you want to keep doing what you’ve been doing with the same results?  Or do you want to regain control of your figure, your physique?  They say only a fool repeats the same thing over and over again, hoping for different results.  Well, don’t be an idiot.  Don’t repeat the same struggle that has worn you out before and caused you to fail.  Isn’t it time to make that decision to stop the sugar and starch and regain control of YOUR appetite?


About weightagency

After decades of struggle with my weight, countless diets, numerous books, lectures, and research, I have finally figured out how to lose weight and how to keep it off, in a HEALTHY way!

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