I haven’t lost any weight in 14 days!  Two weeks!  And I sure wasn’t cheating, but eating an average of  1331 calories/day.  WTF?  Does that mean my BMR has dropped to 1331 calories/day?  That sure is the implication.  I checked my carb intake– 115 grams/day a month ago vs 131 grams/day now.  Nothing accounts for it.  Except for two things, maybe.  Salt and exercise.  Now, I don’t talk much about either one in my book, The Weight Agency Method, but both can have a significant impact on one’s weight.  I have been eating a salty stew which may account for 2 lbs or more in water weight.  Also, the weather here has turned rainy and I have not been playing golf as often as I have in the past.  Instead, I have been sitting at my computer, mostly, one step up from being a vegetable.

With my body trying to preserve energy due to my rapid weight loss, my BMR has slowed.  My resting heart rate used to be in the mid 70’s and I just measured it now at 54!  That’s a 23% drop.  So, if all I do is sit all day, my body shuts down and I burn very few calories, which means I can maintain my weight just from breathing air.  OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much.  What it does mean is that, to keep losing the 2.5 lbs/week as I have been, I probably would have to stop eating altogether, which is NOT healthy.

So, what to do?  Despite my aversion to exercise, for the sake of exercise, I must be more active.  I will do a bit of aerobic exercise on the Lifecycle.  I’ll do some rowing on the rowing machine.  But, mostly, I will putter around the house, cleaning, making more applesauce– which means going out and picking apples off the prolific tree, carrying them in, washing them off, cutting them up, and putting them into the crock pot.  Now, that does not sound like a lot of work, but I promise you that my heart rate will be above 54!  And, I will be burning more calories.  I mention that in my book– how the little things add up.  Park further away when going to the store.  Spend more time standing or walking– even inside the house– than sitting, and so on.  I will also drink more water to flush out the salt and I’ll bet that in a day or two, I will suddenly see a several-pound drop in my weight.  Stay tuned to see if I am right.


About weightagency

After decades of struggle with my weight, countless diets, numerous books, lectures, and research, I have finally figured out how to lose weight and how to keep it off, in a HEALTHY way!

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