I found this in my inbox this morning:  http://eatthis.menshealth.com/slideshow/print-list/186550

How I got on their email list, I do not know, but I am glad to be on it because they send useful information about healthy eating, and most of it applies to both genders.

The very first item listed the importance of eating dinner early, which struck a chord because we usually tend to eat late.  Going to bed on a full stomach results in slowed digestion, allowing your body to wring out every last calorie from your food.  If you were starving, that might be a good thing, but you’re here because you are likely not starving.  Eating early helps assure that you will move around a bit, speeding digestion and reducing the amount of food absorbed.

Many Canadians are celebrating Thanksgiving today (Canadian Thanksgiving is actually tomorrow) and will eat big turkey dinners.  I hope they eat early….


About weightagency

After decades of struggle with my weight, countless diets, numerous books, lectures, and research, I have finally figured out how to lose weight and how to keep it off, in a HEALTHY way!

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